Do you think what everyone says is true about me? Am I selfish and cruel to my dog?

I haven't took my dog out for a walk in a LONG TIME. I have before. I've been trying to tell everyone I did but they told me I need to do that again. My friends yesterday were teasing me that I'm the blame for my dog getting fat. I mean we used to take her for walks but she tore up her color and we used to have a leash for her. My friend was like to my pup, "Aww poor Lena. Was Dana mean to you. Don't snap at me, get angry at Dana, she's the one that don't do it." My sister was like, "Why don't you ever take her for walks?" I told them that I did and we used to. Then my friend said, "Well buy her another one! So she won't be cooped up! Lena is Dana being mean to you?" Then they all laugh. I told my sister they were joking. He said, "No I am so not. Lena is squealing on you! Hahaha." I've been so busy with everything I just don't have time to take her for a walk or buy her a leash.
My sister told me she wasn't kidding about taking my dog for a walk. She said, "No you are not! You are NOT too busy. That's just an excuse to not take her for a walk. Look at her! She's betting fatter and you're not doing a good job as her owner. You even skip feeding her and keep her in the back years and never play with her. Honesty, you're cruel. I guess you're not the kind loving person I thought you were." Everyone is making me feel bad. I always make sure she eats and when her food runs out. Sometimes I'm so busy I forget to feed her and I barley buy her any toys. I don't have time to. My dad even said I'm selfish and cruel to my pet and all she wants is love and attention. She's an outside dog. I love her, but I'm just busy.
Is everyone right about me.
  • Being too busy is no excuse. Make time for your pet!
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  • No you're just busy.
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  • Stop being so sensitive! They're just kidding with you.
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  • Truth is, yes you are cruel! You dont even care about your pet. Shame on you!!!
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  • I don't know. She's YOUR responsibility.
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  • Like I said in your similar post, there should be no excuse "Sometimes I'm so busy I forget to feed her and I barley buy her any toys. I don't have time to." then why the hell do you have a dog? Toys aren't the issue, but feeding her? You forget to feed her? Its not like she can go and fen for herself since she only has access to the backyard. Yes there are animals who are treated worse, but thats not the point- start walking your dog, paying attention and especially feeding her and making sure she has water. You don't have any time? Well you sleep don't you? make time. Not trying to be harsh but how do you think this is ok?


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  • I think that not taking your dog for a walk is pretty cruel, yeah, unless the dog constantly has access to a garden to burn off the energy. Not getting her things to play with and forgetting to feed her implies that you're quite careless. If you take in a dog, you should do as much as you can to make the dog happy and it doesn't sound like you are. If you're too busy to take care of her properly, then you shouldn't be a pet owner.

  • If you can't look after your pet you shouldn't have one. What you're doing is cruel and insensitive. A dog needs walking a few times a day. Get off your butt and give it some exercise. if you can't look after it properly give it to someone who can

  • Didn't I answer a question similar to this? You sound very cruel and selfish. How could you forget to feed her in all? I mean how many days have you gone without feeding her. You should give her a treat sometimes and stop being so cruel. And another thing, being busy is defiantly no excuse to not spend time with her. Being a pet owner means, feeding her, taking her for walks, giving her the love and caring she needs and you can't even do that. You shouldn't even be a pet owner if you're going to be too busy. Truth.

  • Go walk your dog, you revolting, lazy hambeast. You probably need the exercise even more.


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