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I have forever wanted to be a Youtube person.

Yup. I'm one of those.

I've already gotten started posting a few time lapse videos of a couple of my drawings (there's three there now... I think) I was originally making lyric videos but THAT took forever and only led to me disliking the song after listening to it over and over again to get the timing right.

So, what I've decided MIGHT be a good idea, and this might be influenced by the fact I've been watching this style of video all day, is that I could talk. Just talk. At the moment, since I have no real topics, I want to just give answering questions a go. Something simple, I don't have to write up a script, and I can just cut out anything I say that I think afterwards might not go down very well or I realise I simply made that up to embellish myself (bad habit, trying to stop it) or is just untrue (like the day I told my grandfather ALPACAS kill more poeple than SHARKS every year. I will never live that down)

So yup.

I'm going to be voicing over another time lapse video of a drawing, so anyone who wants to see more of my art, as has been requested once or twice, good oppurtunity.


So, I don't think this is against G@G rules? I haven't actually checked. I'm not advertising myself, or just making conversation so I suppose this sits within the rules.

So yeah. Ask away.
(note- nothing sexual. I know that's hard for the users on this site but I will just ignore that XD)

I may or may not say usernames so just go anon if you don't want me to say who you are.

I will supply a link if I do end up making the video, or just make a take about it.
If the video does NOT get made, I will post a take answering the questions I would have used.
Bump (I need at least four more questions XD)


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