When talking with a girl I see around at church she knew that I drew and asked about my art work but she never looked it two it? Why ask me about it?

I was waiting for my freinds so I could ask them a question. A girl that I see around there at church was helping clean up and finish. She said hi and asked if I was ____. I told her I was and she mentioned that she had heard about me and that I draw. She asked if she could see come of my art. I did not have any examples on me so I suggested that she looks at my online stuff. I gave her the web address and she said that she would look into it. We kind of talked and she draws also. I asked her if she was hanging out after with a few of us and she said no. My freinds finished and I talked to them. So why did she bring up that I draw. Ask about it and then not go to look at it online?


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  • How do you know she didn't look at your online stuff? My guess was that she was opening up the conversation out of interest in you. Meaning she was hoping that you guys could exchange numbers and maybe go out for coffee, discuss about art, maybe spend more personal time with you because of the common interest you share aka art and get to know you better. You told her to instead check it out herself and well, let's be frank, if she draws herself, why would she be so enamoured by a guy who draws too? She was opening the opportunity for interaction. The fact that you didn't give her your number or get her number, and the fact you focused on your friends immediately ie shifting focus and forgetting about her showed that you had no interest in her AND I'm guessing you didn't invite her along to hang out so... Yeah HAHAHA better luck next time buddy~

    • Because it is on my Facebook which is set to private. I did that after my ex friend had issues with my photos had her in them that can be publicly seen. Though she might have seen my really old stuff.
      Well Na it was not like that. The art talk seemed like small talk. Also I asked if she wanted to go out with us in a bit and she said no. She also did not ask if I wanted to see her stuff. I was focused on her till out talk was over. She soon left after. I also pretty much gave her my number when I gave her my Facebook.
      It felt more like she wanted to talk but soon changed her mind. When I did not have anything to show her.

    • Hmm it could be a really rare coincidence that she was really interested in your art or just wanted to have small talk so don't worry~

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  • She simply just wanted to talk ab art with another artsy person maybe, why she didn't look I don't know

    • I'd get that but there was not really much talk about art. Normally with art talk there is more specific talk about it. Like what do you draw what do you use for it you can see her stuff on...
      It was more like just small talk with the art?

    • She just wanted to talk then

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