(From those listed) Favorite NES game?

  • Ice Hockey
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  • The Legend of Zelda
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  • Mario 3
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  • Castlevania
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  • Jackal
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  • Metal Gear
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  • Contra
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From the ones listed, I tried to put them in the order that I liked them the most. I also liked the Robin Hood game on there, but I don't know anyone else that played it.


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  • The Robin Hood game was amazing! So cinematic.

    Did you ever play the Lone Ranger? Also spectacular.

    (My vote is for Mario 3. Second place would be Contra)

    • I haven't played the Lone Ranger. Back then some games only came out in certain regions, so not every game was available (or even known about) in each area.

    • I remember being surprised at how different the selection of games was in the PAL regions.

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