Pick One: Low-Level Superhuman Strength (Able To Lift 8 Tons Max) Or Low-Level Superhuman Speed (Able To Run 800 mph)?

Pick One & Explain Why.

I pick superhuman speed. Far away places would no longer be an issue, I could speedblitz enemies resulting in an immense pool of blood lol, and I could make mad cash doing tricks from it.

Yo turn bitchez.


Most Helpful Guy

  • strength... fast running would have a negative effect on the body, not to mention, the risk of crashing is huge as the eye can't cope up

    however, speed with flying is the best idea

    • Yeah. Superspeed can be dangerous if it's in just one part of the body (i. e. the legs). Unless you're the Flash where you have heightened senses/reflexes and a degree of invulnerability, you're going to be in a rude and crash-like awakening.

    • Supersonic flight would be cool. I'd be like Superman.😎😁😎

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  • But you couldn't possess those levels of speed without at least that level of strength, so the first option's redundant. To be that fast, you'd have to be either a time-warper or stronger than that anyway.

    • True, True. Having an overabundance of strength WILL result in an overabundance of speed (thanks fast twitch muscle fibres😎), but for the sake of debate, let's just assume you could one without the other.

      Which would pick?

  • Do a fucking poll!!! (: please


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