Guys, what are the best PS4 action games?

I wanna buy PS4 games, recommendations:?


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  • You are talking to the gamer MAN

    -The uncharted series and instence. The 1st one is a little boring though.
    -farcry 4 is older but thrilling for an fps.
    -dying light if you want action and a SCARE. You better get a BOYFRIEND to sing you to sleep on the phone though. It's a little freaky:)
    -obviously gta 5 is a popular one but if you don't want to be a trend follower there is a game somewhat like gta 5 but it takes place in hong kong. Totally different theme. It's called Sleeping Dogs (it's older but very awesome)


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  • uncharted collection and uncharted 4, bloodborne, infamous second son, The order 1886, God of war 3 Remastered, The last of us remastered, killzone shadow fall.
    other than this are
    Deus ex : Mankind devided.
    Witcher 3 the wild hunt.
    rise of the tomb Raider.
    and there are many more

  • I only play rainbow six siege and rocket league lol. Have you ever played either of those?

  • battlefield 1


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