Best place in the US for romantic weekend near VA?

I want to do something special for my bf's bday and decided to organize a surprise trip, just the two of us.

As it'll be pretty cold, I was thinking ab a romantic and cozy cabin in the woods with places to hike nearby.

Thing is that he lives in Virginia and I wanted to go somewhere by car (not too far) and I don't know anything around that area. Any tips?

Thank youuuu


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  • What area of Virginia?

  • Where at in Virginia? If he lives close to Bristol, you could always go down to Knoxville.


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  • Which part of Virginia? Western and Southwestern Virginia are mountainous areas. Then of course we have the beach on the Eastern part of the state. If you're looking for somewhere to hike, I know of a few places such as Peaks of Otter and Crabtree Falls. The Appalachian Trail also runs through Virginia. There's plenty of areas for outdoor activities like that.

    • We have a car so as long as is +4h long its ok. And Richmond! Thanks a lot for the tips, I'll look it up now :)

    • Ah okay, well cool. Several of the places I mentioned should be less than a 4 hour drive from there. (I would say 2-3 hours). :)

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