Can you help me name my characters?

I was going to go for a manga story, but I know nothing of Japanese culture. So now it's based in America with Manga/anime influence in style. But I have no idea what my 3 main characters should be called. I had someone on here draw me a picture of what they look like. Sorry for not remembering your GaG name. So I'll give some details about them and show you the drawing. See if you can name some names that go with the characters.

Main guy: Is quiet most of the time. Black hair and is somewhat average looking. Not some hot dude who's perfect. Always looks people in the eye when talking to them and tells the truth most of the time. He knows what he likes and doesn't try to hide it. He prefers a funny laid back attitude. His smile is wider than most. Giving him a unique physical trait.

Main popular girl: Has a bitchy and spoiled attitude. Red/pink hair and a devious yet seducing smile most of the time. Tends to boss the main guy around. Mostly flashy girly clothing. Big breasts, wide hips and slim waist. A curvy girl.

Main weird girl: Has a calm yet shaky way of talking. Almost like she's always about to fall asleep. Black-ish purple short hair. Brushed down and half covering one eye. Mostly has a calm and lazy attitude and always tries to encourage people in a, half insult you half complement you kind of way. Never lives in a fantasy world yet loves making up stories. Mostly wears colorless clothes, skirts and long sleeved shirts. Mostly emo/goth look. Small breasts and slimmer hips, but still visible. Can you help me name my characters?


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  • ı can tell u some japanese names
    boy- yuki-aki-tanaka-kazu


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