I'm new and I feel like my coworkers talk sh*t about me?

i just got a new job at this restaurant, I'm still learning the menu and I feel like some don't like me. I feel like they think I'm "dumb"... ? Maybe I'm over thinking but it's been happening the last 6-7 shifts..
i mainly get people drinks, bus tables and run food. Im training to be a waitress.

My manager sometimes lets me 1-1.5hrs off
early too. Like I don't even work till we close. He's like "you can head out in 10 mins if you want?"

I haven't done anything wrong, I get along with everyone but I'm just scared I'm gonna get fired. I feel like the coworkers talk behind my back

Is this what it's usually like with a new person? Why do I keep thinking people are talking shit about me?


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  • It's natural to feel like that In a new workplace and sometimes it's difficult to fit in at first getting use to new surroundings if you feel like the coworkers are talking behind your back it's probably because you are new and they are thinking wether you will stay in the Job and trying to work you out and maybe their thinking wether you will stay for long in that role but that says more about them then you so don't worry about it and just do your job to the best you can 👍


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