How often does bullying occur in nightclubs? and/bars?

To what people?
In what kind of clubs?
By who?

Almost never gone to clubs but I hear a lot of fights go down at night-clubs

How does it start?


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  • it can really depend on the bar and scene it has , some you'll never see fights at and others there rather common.
    ( nice higher end places fights would be pretty rare , but more average places if they attract the wrong crowd can have problems )
    its usually the macho people with big ego's who start fights , its tough to say how common bullying is , I'd say its less common , most people at bars are above that by now but it might still happen at times.

    sometimes if a group of people doesn't like a specific person being at the bar they might target that person , that can happen , could start rumours , make up accusations etc , I don't know if that would qualify as bullying or such , I guess its similar behaviour


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  • I work in a bar and am bullied a ton because I look 15 lmfao. There's lots of fight though because people get drunk and develop that liquid courage


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  • It's not often bullying. Most of the times it's someone flashing a lot of money or cocaine. People don't like that.

    The fights often are from people being drunk. Yelling random stuff, bumping into each other. Most of the time it's two siding and not bullying.

  • I don't know but I hear gay ones get shot up pretty often

    ooohhh, too soon?


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