Why do you think tall and strong MMA fighters usually lose to smaller and weaker MMA fighters?

In any martial arts organization, the big people (anyone above 6 feet 5 inches) usually lose to the smaller people. Even the skilled big guys like Semmy Schilt who is 6 feet 11 inches and weighs 290lbs lost to Satoshi Hasegawa who was 5 feet 9 inches and weighed 168lbs. It seems that most of the succesful MMA fighters are between 5'7"-6'4" in height. There are a few successful big guys in MMA but even the successful big guys usually lose to the smaller guys. Why do you think the big guys lose to little guys in MMA a lot? I think it's for various reasons such as the little guys have more maneuverability and the little guys use dexterity along with other reasons. Below are videos where the little guys beat the bigger guys.

  • Martial arts competitions aren't meant for super tall and strong people
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  • The smaller guys have more maneuverability than the bigger guys due to physics
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  • Size and strength won't always win fights
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  • The smaller guys use dexterity, reflexes to their Advantage
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  • The smaller guys know a lot of submission holds, joint locks and escapes.
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  • All of the above
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  • Other
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  • Basically all of the above, besides A (that may be true in some cases and false in others).


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  • The shorter guys have lower center if gravity with leads to better balance, better agilities, etc.
    You would think the longer each would benefit the taller ones but it doesn't


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  • All of the above are correct. It's also because shorter people have lower center of gravity and can take quicker strikes. My oldest brother is 6 feet and 11 inches, and I'm able to fight him even though I'm eight inches shorter than him lol.


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