Do you usually watch movies in one sitting?

When I watch movies I usually pause for a break every 5 minutes, and I usually only watch about 1/3 of the movie each day so it takes me a few days to finish a movie. My friend on the other hand said he always watches them in one sitting, without even taking a break. So what about you GaGers, how do you watch movies? How many breaks do you take? And how many days does it take to finish a movie?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I always aim to watch a movie in one sitting. That is how it was intended by the creators.

    My parents have this annoying habit of trying to jump into movies halfway through, or pausing them halfway through and watching the rest the following night. My dad has this aversion to movies over two hours, which is bad news for him since many of the best movies of recent years have been well over two hours.

    • Why doesn't he just watch it in 3 days instead of 2?
      I get bored just sitting watching the screen so I have to take a break every 5 minutes. I started a film on Sunday, I think I'll finish it tonight

Most Helpful Girl

  • I usually get distracted by my phone so no. It sometimes takes me 3 days to finish a movie. Especially if it's on Netflix.


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  • I do watch movies in one sitting because I want the full experience from start to go.

    • I wish I had that much patience

  • I don't watch movies nor series

  • yeah not only movies but also series


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