Is Jennifer Love Hewitt not a good actress or has she always been overlooked when It comes to film/TV roles?

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt not a good actress or has she always been overlooked when It comes to film/TV roles?


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  • I believe she's a good actor. I watched her series "Ghost Whisperer" and the "I know what you did last summer" movies too.
    She did a great job in the "Client List" series.

    I have read online many times that she is awful to work with, attitude wise. I think that could possibly be one reason as to why she isn't asked to do much acting, or maybe it's her choice.

    I watched a few Criminal Minds episodes with her in it, and to me she didn't really suit that role. She did a good job, but her acting wasn't as convincing or realistic as the others.

    • I have heard things about her attitude I just think film wise after the 'I know what you did last summer' films film producers shied away from giving her a good role I don't understand that? With Criminal Minds it would have been better if she was in it when it first started I don't think they did anything good with her character

    • I agree, I think that's what made her not suit the role in Criminal Minds, was because she just hopped in with the team randomly, while it probably would have been way better if she was a part of it from the start. Her attitude thing could just be a rumour of course, but personally I do like her as an actor.

    • The sad part is there was plenty of good roles for her but no one would cast her that's why she ended doing the Ghost Whisperer series their has been plenty of film roles over the years she could have played but they always went for someone else

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  • i think she is an amazing actress... she has everything. she is a girl i think every man wants to see on the screen.

    • Yeah I just think she has been overlooked when it comes to film roles

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    • I would have liked to see her in some more horror movies, maybe a few comic movies like the Xmen she could have made a good cat woman or batgirl in the Batman movies she also could have played Naomi watts character in 'funny games'

    • lol she wpuld b

  • I love her


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