Best De Niro film?

I know I did not list a couple of other movies (The Untouchables, Analyze This), but tell me your favourite film!

A Bronx Tale is my favourite, as it is a light-hearted film about life. :) 'The saddest thing in life, is wasted talent', and 'Nobody cares' are two great real-to-life lessons/quotes to take from the film. :)
  • Raging Bull
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  • Casino
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  • Goodfellas
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  • A Bronx Tale
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  • Taxi Driver
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  • The Godfather
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  • Awakenings
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  • Goodfellas, Casino & The Godfather. I voted for Goodfellas. (I like the first Godfather movie the best out of those three but De Niro wasn't in it)

    • True say. I totally forgot that he wasn't in the first one. xD

    • Oh we get to choose a movie NOT on the list? Then I pick Meet The Parents, Analyze This and The Untouchables. The Untouchables being my favorite.

    • Of course. The site only allows so many options... -_-

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