Been asked to make another vid! Topic ideas?

Right, so i made a vid which was me answering some questions, with a drawing time lapse as the visual.

I have been asked to make another one!

Which i am more than happy to do, very glad that as unproffessional as it was, the vid was still enjoyed.

However. I dont know what to talk about. I've been thinking about for a couple days now and nothing has come to mind. So now i turn to you guys!

So, there's no set idea this time, so feel free to throw more questions at me, and Ill try to answer them, OR chuck some topic suggestions up, what you would like me to talk about, and I may be able to actually have another video lined up after this next one if enough ideas come through!

Again, nothing sexual please, I do swear a bit, but I am going to try to keep away from sexual topics, keep my vids as PG as possible.


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  • mmm. . . well since you animate you might as well make anime a topic, what are your favourites and do you prefer the style of the older 90's shows or the new ones?

    PC gaming has to be done

    Do the Black Mountain of Queensland and the huntsman spider

    Australian Vs UK culture

    (Also include some screenshots in your video maybe? Also shorten the length for us. Around 5mins is best)

    • Screenshots to do with the topic?

      And Ill do my best on video length, I talk fast but I also talk a LOT haha

      Ooh huntsman spiders yes, have to talk about them. Would be great if one would stick around long enough to get a picture of.

    • nah, just like a screenshot of the questions or just add some captions and section things out a bit (imo it'll make the video easier to follow)

      dat boi and harambe can help you

      + serious respect if you touch it. Would you go that far?

    • Oh god no. I love spiders and have a lot of respect for them, but i won't even hang out the washing if i see a spider living in one of the pegs XD

      there's a reason we own multiple clothes horses haha

      Although... We do have a few cans of cider in the fridge... How steady can I hold a camera while drunk? XD

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  • Aussie culture? I don't know I love promoting Australia on here lol
    Maybe choose a controversial topic on here and try to shed some new light on it... I don't know


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  • Yeah, 🤔

    Like Luci said, maybe more Oz things? Like:
    - top 10 beaches in oz
    - best 10 oz tourist attractions
    - top 10 animals in oz that will Give you nightmares (will be even more fun if you do quick animations like I see a huntsman chasing a "my stick family".
    - 10 intersting facts about Aussies (like you people shorten every word, sausage sizzles, Afl etc)

    Maybe personal stuff you love like
    - top 10 songs at the moment and why you like them
    - your favorite hang out places
    - 10 favorite artists that inspire you
    - 10 books that inspire you

    Fun stuff
    - ways how men can survive shopping with their partner
    - how to survive Christmas shopping in general

    Controversial stuff:
    - pick any gag question and give your opinion on it I suppose lol.

    • haha I was up late last night (got literally no sleep) and for the first half of the night I just want through g@g with the voice recorder recording, an saying my thoughts on this question or this taek out loud. Sadly however, tiredness leads me to be slightly nonsensical so pretty much the entire recording is useless XD

      Thankyou for specifying though in your ideas! It's all well and good to say aussie stuff, but it is much more helpful to say WHAT aussie stuff you want to see haha

  • Well Christmas is coming up


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