To all my nerd/geeks out there. Where did you spend most of your time at the last convention you went to?

I was in a D&D room for like 2 days and only came out to eat while learning about/play the game. It was confusing as hell, but super entertaining and there were about 30 other people in a room specifically for D&D. If I wasn't there then I was at the yaoi panel, a rave they held there, or the dealers hall because Taco the Great has a horrible spending habit. xD


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  • Last con I went to was an anime con and I'm pretty sure if we measured time spent... it was waiting in line for the rave.

    • Was the line bad? How long did it take you to get in?

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    • Katsu or otacon, I can't remember. This was years ago though.
      I remember cuz I started the 99 bottles of beer song and the entire line ended up singing it and we got to zero. D: Life goal achieved!

    • o: I went to AWAcon this year and I'm planning on going to Momocon in a few months.

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  • Walking around, trolling cosplayer and asking weird question.


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  • Just walking around, taking creep shots of the best cosplays (and the weirdest people). Also being laughed at while playing just dance basically in the middle of the hall, and being a noob at league of legends next to all the ubernerds. Gotta love conventions ❤️

  • Taking pictures


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