Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright or Conquest?

Revelation isn't here because... spoilers. I personally prefer Conquest. As simple as that, Comquest has better gameplay, characters and soundtrack. Plus you can recruit the best characters (they're better than Birthright ones to me). What about you?

  • Conquest (Fight with Nohr)
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  • Birthright (Defend Hoshido)
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  • Conquest, except for the fact that I'm stuck on it ;-;

    I'm pretty sure that both versions have Road Taken, but yeah, the OST is amazing :D


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  • Conquest was a lot more difficult and more fun, but I really liked how Birthright had scouts so it was easier to build relationships and get children.


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  • I prefer Revelations, but you're right... spoilers, lol.

    I voted for Conquest, even though I thought Birthright had a better story. I liked Conquest because it had the units I was used to, lol.

    I played Birthright, first, and spent the whole time wondering where my knights, mages, heroes, etc were, lol. Like, WTF is a Basara? Also, axes! OMG, I hated using clubs!

  • i have no idea what this is about but conquest i guess


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