I Had An Idea. Do You Think It Would Work?

So I am trying to find a way to make money on the side, and I am particularly good at writing/speaking. I am also really good with people.

I considered writing a romance novel and publishing it on Amazon for a few bucks, because their storylines are fairly simple, and you ultimately know what the reader is in the book for: they want to fall in love with the characters.

Here is my idea: Benjamin and Farren have been married for 6 years, and it seems as if every year is getting more difficult. Farren is growing more and more distant, while Ben is trying to care for their 1 year old daughter April/the home/their marriage at the same time.

Jeremy is a socially-awkward nobody people mistake as an asshole, when a newcomer stops for a visit off of a cargo train. Ginger's brown hair and grey-blue eyes intrigue him, and his lack of social suavity makes her laugh. Sparks fly, and Jeremy is determined to make a home for her. Ginger refuses.

However, following her through the train schedule, he finally catches up to her... as she is being scolded by her husband for running away from home. Ginger and Farren are actually the same person.

The center of the story is the concept, anyone can appear perfect from a distance, and nice guys only finish last if they let themselves. I have not determined an ending yet.

I'm just trying to create something to generate some revenue on the side. If you have an ideas for how to make it better that I can use, please let me know.

Like it? Dislike it? Comment.


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  • It's a rather loose plot, even as a "treatment" That is fine and I'm sure you will keep working and revising :) What I wonder about is trying to get paid.. I wish you would completely focus on your passion for writing and worry about getting paid later..

    • I am currently working on a story—it is very deep, intricate, and long. My entire life is being poured into it. And I won't publish a second early.

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    • I don't know... I guess I just see money as an essential...

    • I was only asking about the project, not the story..

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  • I'm not sure, but I don't think romance readers are really into plot twists of that kind. The plot twists they like are more along the lines of, the ruggedly handsome but poor guy that has fallen in love with them so deeply that he's besotted is secretly a self-made billionaire of noble birth.

    • Dammit, I know you're right...

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    • There's a ciuple, but commonly:

      A poor girl in a bad situation is being approached by a well to do but cruel man who just wants her for her beauty.

      She is helped/saved by a man who pretends disinterest but has in reality always loved her since the first time he saw her.

      She gives up the magic coochie rhat makes him her live slave, but fears he has just used her.

      After trials and tribulations they reunite and confesses his love for her ans the magic coochie.

    • by the way, the magic coochie is never mentioned. Its magic after all, and the best dann coochie you ever felt. Not sure exactly how it works, but if you ever had it you'd go lez.

  • I love it you have nothing to lose and everything to gain go for it!

  • I like it and you should follow your interests, so I say go for it! I hope you'll remember me once you're successful :-)

    • Awe, you're sweet :) thanks.

    • Welcome. Pls remember me when you're famous, I could use the capital for a startup haha!

    • Best of luck!

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