Can I make it on YouTube?

So my sister dared me to make a YouTube channel. I'm a very nerdy, sarcastic person. I'm planning on making mostly sketch videos but will do the occasional vlog or challenge video. I will upload two to three times a month (haven't yet decided which) on a schedule. Now I should mention by make it I don't mean having my career be that of a youtuber. I simply mean will I be able to amass a respectable number of followers who are interested in what I put out there?
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  • Everyone has a shot, based on trends now is actually one of the best times to start. I recently started up a vlogging channel myself.
    keep in mind that it will be slow starting up, painfully so.

    • How's your channel doing? And to be fair I'm actually more interested in the actual writing of the sketches (my aspiration is to be a published author), but I don't want to waste my time for just my friends and family.

    • Its doing worse than I would like it to. I vlog but at the same time my content is kinda blah because of how much stuff I have going on. that being said I do have a few regulars.

      as for family I wouldn't look to them for initial growth of a channel but if you are doing a channel that has skits or the like then that's a different story.

      for me, my vlogs are a time for me to say anything and everything going on in my mind and then in post I cut out the nasty bits.

  • Two or three times a month won't get you anywhere. That many a week is like the minimum unless you find a really good niche.

    • So how many times do you suggest? All I'm worried about is that being a freshman in college I won't be able to commit to more than that for at least four years... But I can definitely commit to twice/three times a week.

    • That should be enough. The problem is people who watched a video or two, or even subscribed, forgetting about you. That's why you have to publish frequently. Other good tips are to make multiple videos that encourage binge watching, and to post your videos on relevant social media outlets like forums.

    • I definitely will post videos on forums. Thank you for your help!

  • I have a channel, 11 subs, gaming channel. I plan on doing more things eventually. If I can get 11, I'm sure you could get 11,000. It's possible


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