Non-metal fans, when you hear the word "metal" what music comes to your mind first?

I am asking, because most people who don't listen to metal usually think about freak-like musicians screaming when they sing.

Personally I prefer the more melodic stuff with Crystal-clear vocals and other melodic elements like keyboards or piano, but still guitar is the lead instrument.


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  • As a metal fan I love it when people are like "Aaah he's gonna play Slipknot and scare us all!"
    Then I play a few Ed Sheeran songs and throw Slipknot's Snuff in and everyone loves it

    • Personally I prefer stuff like Europe, Autograph and Dokken. Do you consider them metal? Because there's a disagreement between metal fans, that such bands aren't metal.

    • They're metal from the big hair era, I believe? I don't often listen to them much.

      The thing with metal nowadays is that it's become such a broad category that it's easy to say something isn't metal. Dokken could be called Rock, Machine Alternative. But I think both are metal, just from different eras and sub genres

  • From my experience non-metal fans think about Metallica/ Linkin Park or something satanic


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  • I do like metal, and people are generally scared of both me and the music I like.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people think of trash like Slipknot (Slapnuts) is metal today. As a general rule, anything with clean vocals and drop-B breakdowns should be ruled out of the metal category - except power metal, which is more tolerable.

    • Do you like NWOBHM?

    • Eh. It's a little fruity for me, but definitely better than the "metal" of the past 15 years or so.

  • Most people think metal is slipknot linkin park korn or various black and death metal. They don't think about stuff like Thrash, progressive or melodic metal. Metallica, testament, kamelot, nevermore, in flames. You should give kamelot a listen if you haven't, based on that you said you like.

    • I am more into 80s stuff to be honest as I said to the other guy. Apart from the Glam Metal thing, I also like NWOBHM (Saxon, early Def Leppard, Praying Mantis and such)

    • There's some good stuff in there. I suggested kamelot because they're clean vocals and have some symphonic elements to them. Can't go wrong with 80s metal though

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