How to can you get your parents to make you go to an under 18 party?

Under 18 parties (U18 jolls) are a big thing in my city. It's like everyone else goes to it, except me and I lose out on so much fun. I've tried asking my parents a couple of times to go but they didn't let me because they think it's "not safe" but they do check at the door for things. I just want to know what it feels like and it more often.


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  • Your parents just try to be protective of you and thinking for your safety.
    Well, you must just try communicate with them, convince them that you are enough responsible and you can control the situation. you are under eighteen and it is under eighteen party so it suits easily. try to develop conditions and agreement with your parents. remember! (sneaking is not a good option at all) so remind them you are reasonable enough to discuss this matter like a real mature person instead of sneaking or such behaviors which many teenagers do. it's a positive point of view that could impress them as well, then, ask them for their full reasoning. if they believe it is not safe, what factors are there which makes them to feel unsafe about it? is it the boys? is it the environment? is it that they believe there are bad influenced friends there? is it the long distance of the location? what exactly! then for those reasons you offer a solution and ask them to help you develop such solutions and come up with ideas for the pointed issues so as the result they could feel much safer and under control of the security of their daughter. besides, remind them how exciting it is for you and it's an experience of a lifetime and you would like to not miss this experience. so ask for their help with full honesty. and you can also use trading deals. for instance, if they let you go the party, you would help your mother on something for a week, or you will listen to whatever they say with no question for a period of time. or you will take a certain responsibility in order to replay to this favor. in the other hand, you must win psychologically, expression is important! express that you are aware of the possible risks, you are aware of their concern and you are appreciate it that they are trying to protect you as parents and you seeing and value their protective attitudes but also in the same time they must try to understand your feelings and willingness about how important the experience is for you and make this request to try find a way to make it work.

    Wish you luck!

    • Thank u, I'm guessing that they are scared that I would become pregnant, kidnapped, smoked or something. But I'll try convincing them and maybe throw an offer.

    • That's a good way to approach. after all, i give them a the right to be protective, you are their daughter and they get frighten of anything risking your life. you brought examples of the possibilities related to their disagreements, you mentioned smoked and pregnancy, imagine a party be in wide scale of nature or in a very a big house (just as an example cause i am not aware of the location) even if you are careful enough on your own boundaries, there could be incidents which would come out of your sight, you get offered a drink, you get drugged and nobody knows what would come next. what i'm saying is there are previous incidents and i am sure these subjects and examples are throughout your parent's minds somehow. so if you convince them about how strongly and firmly you can take care of yourself and reach the kind of agreement i have mentioned earlier in order to level up the security in their heart. they would go easier. and you're welcome :)

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  • It's an under 18 party what's wrong with that

    • Iexactly, but my parents think there's everything wrong with it

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    • K, thank u

    • thanks for the mho did they allow you to go to the party

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  • She doesn't want you creating habits for liking parties. Cause if at 14 you go like some of the other kids... once 18 you might wanna party more than you thought

    But I remember at 14, I would almost whatever lol. School was a party every day 😛

    • Yeah but they aren't at school

    • Yes Im aware of that I was just saying hahah

      You wanna know what it feels like? it feels really fun. You feel grown up and part of something that not everyone gets to enjoy. So many kids i remember couldn't go out to parties but I was allowed too. And it made a huge difference to them...

      Don't worry too much if you can't go... it's only really a few more years than you'll be fine to go anywhere you want... take road trips 😜

    • Okay😂 but an example of them is the party coming up which is the one I really want to go to called Deep In Space

  • they wouldn't let me

  • Tell them it's an under 18 party and your under 18 so it's all good.


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