Theme Ideas for my 21st?

I'm a pretty relaxed and laid back person who loves variety (like I'm equally happy getting all glammed up and out for a nice fancy meal as going fishing and 4wd down the beach but I'm definitely not a girly-girl) so I'm struggling to think of a good and unique 21st theme. Suggestions?


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  • I didn't have a theme for my 21st birthday. In fact, I went out to eat with my family at a seafood restaurant and had a fireman serve us. He thought I was young enough to get a tour on the firetruck. 😂

    Do you really want a theme? I am a fan of the rustic look. I think burlap and lace is such a beautiful combination. Throw in some baby breaths and your favorite flowers in some mason jars. Maybe do a flower headband type thing instead of a tiara.

    Whatever you decide to go with, wear an outfit you are super comfortable in and dress it up. Maybe a lacy dress with some cowgirl boots would do the trick.


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