Why do people pay to see the same movies over and over?

Hollywood has run out of ideas and pretty much just creates a modern version of old films but with the same essential plot. Yet, people go time and time again to movie theaters to go see the same damn film they saw 5-10 years ago. WHY?

how many of you tor**** movies?


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  • Better graphics, acting and CGI effects I guess, also for the next generation that never saw the original


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  • That's your personal opinion. i am disagree with the whole ideology.
    I remember, someone complaining about a horror movie and claiming "this is the same plot of another movie, the story line getting boring" so if one horror movie been created in history and it contains skating and snow, there should not be any movie with the same situation anymore? that is totally unwise.
    A movie contains more than hundreds of details. some could be the same but there are many other different factors, lessons, experiences, emotions, feelings, structures, underlying meanings and so on. even the same details deeply could go different. it's matter of understanding. but nothing else. stop looking at the movie just as a cold departed plot far from life. compare it life, in real life many situations could happen with the same details, or even same location but to different people and characters but each time there could be a new result out of it.

  • you don't pay to see it tor**** it


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