What do you think of this song?

Watch it and tell me what you think LOL:

"The Internet Is For Porn" by Avenue Q

What do you think of the message in this song?

Is there some truth to the message of this song?
Anyone ever heard of this song before?
What did everyone that heard of this song think about it?


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  • There is truth in this song. Internet can be used for porn and also can be used to do many good and useful things too. I use internet for buying and selling stocks , to access gag or to do many other things like reading things and watching videos on topics relevant to me. I even use it for meditation and prayer. Internet has less boundaries and what you can do here is very vast. So just do what you want on the internet. Don't worry if a lot of people use it for viewing porn too. Everyone wants to enjoy life in their own way. Find your way on internet and enjoy the ride.


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  • haha, I laughed a lot watching this. Well, it's true, porn plays a great role on the internet, but it's just one more thing that it provides us. Maybe the song wanna say that many people watch it even when they don't admit it.

    • Pretty much, people lie way more often about things like this LOL

      Glad you had some good laughs with this :-P

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    • This was actually the first version I saw. The World Of Warcraft version. But then I looked for and try to find an original version.

  • @capturemyheartnow says it Best from the Rest. Great thoughts. And so true.
    Thanks for the Kind Invite, hun, and was just Thinking of you this morning. xxoo

  • It is the truth.

  • It's true :)


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