Movie spy showdown!!! Who wins?

This has probably been done a few times, but meh its fun. The context is all of these characters are on missions and find themselves crossing paths at certain points. This isn't a battle royale, but rather, each one has their own mission/objective, whatever it may be. They fight each of the corresponding people one by one while trying to complete their mission. Its completely random that each of these super spies happen to cross paths, and presume they are detrimental to each others success. Who comes out on top? Meaning, which one of these fearless killers ends up completing their mission and which ones end up failing?

My money is on Bourne by the way. He doesn't have a mission, he just wants to be alone, and will probably assume each of these guys is after him even though they aren't... or maybe they are? o. O

Austin was put in for comedic effect.

  • Jason Bourne
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  • James Bond (Craig)
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  • Ethan Hunt
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  • Jack Bauer (TV show, but its successful for a reason)
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  • John Reese (another TV show)
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  • Austin Powers
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  • Xander Cage
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  • John Reese would probably just be able to avoid much confrontation because of the nature of his associates, I'd imagine. He's got a superAI backing him (from what i recall, haven't finished the show, shush) which probably calculates the best route for completion of the mission with least casualties.

    I don't know though, but I think Xander Cage would be the least successful. In this, he's like an action hero, not really a spy's spy.

    • I like Ethan Hunt's odds too. Bond is meh; he's more like Xander, in that they operate more in the heat of the moment ways, I think. They don't seem to really plan more than a few steps ahead.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'll go with John Reese just because I've actually watched the show and know what he's capable of.

    • I think he;s a hybrid of Bourne and Bond actually.

      Ruthless as Bourne, classy as Bond

    • Not to mention he has a mass network of agents, spies and contacts all over the place and is
      funded by a billionaire among other things. And I think he was a seal when he was in the military.

      Plus lets be honest Caviez is a great actor.

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  • Jason Bourne... not even close. The dude took down the fucking CIA with a newspaper and a paper clip

  • How do you know who gets the right answer?

    • Its open to interpretation. Some people say Bourne, others say Bond. hell, some might even say Austin. Its all for fun

  • Jason Bourne would shit on them.

  • Ethan Hunt
    James Bond
    Xander Cage
    One of them will one

  • 007.

  • No one likes James bond lol