Is PS4 the best console to own? Is it worth purchasing?

to all my gamers. I currently own a PS3 and love it but it seems like more and more new playstation games are released with the intent of being played on the PS4 platform and thus the PS3 versions suffer because they really aren't being run on the right engine... but that is just an impression i'm getting.

I'm seeing PS4 on sale this holiday season and wonder...
Is playstation 4 worth it? Could you explain some of the big differences between PS3 and PS4 as far as gaming goes? Should I wait on buying PS4?

**i'm sure some will say go with X-box. but i'm very partial to Playstation**


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  • the best console is the one that has the most games you're interested in.

    so if you want halo, forza and gears of war... then no, it's not the best one. but since you're a PS owner already I assume that you are more interested in the PS exclusives.

    other than that, if you only wanna go by power then yes the PS4 is the best. PS+ is also awesome


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  • Liked PS4 better but there's a new ps4 version i think its a slim whos gonna come out but i dont remember when. Maybe you could wait till its release. But othetwise yeah ps4.


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  • I'm a PS4 guy, because I love fighting games and they are supported the best on PlayStation!

    Playstation 3 is dead; the few games that will be released for it in the future are watered-down afterthoughts lacking in features and quality.

    Time to upgrade!

    • i'm sort of a weird gamer. typically i will look at a previous years top games and get a few (so for example i was looking at best games of 2015 recently). up until recent there was no problem but i realized some newish games i was playing had terrible refresh rates and just seemed like the engines weren't really built for PS3... so it made me realize it may be time to upgrade

    • Precisely, time to upgrade bro! :-D

  • The biggest problem I have with Ps4 is that I can't transfer my old games over. I have to purchase a membership separate from ps+
    Games wise... no huge difference from xbone. Some console specific but that's personal preference.
    Tbh I like xbone better.
    Id get ps4 when its really cheap, then spring for the xbone S.

    • so with a separate membership you can transfer games from PS3 to PS4? is that what you mean?

    • Yeah. Like if I bought xcom enemy within for ps3, I could play it on ps4 but id have to buy a membership for playing old content. That's in addition to ps+, which is as you know, ps's live.

  • 100% worth it. It's more about the games than the console. PS4 has better exclusive than any other platform. That's mainly why I buy PS, cause of the games.

  • Not many PS3 games are being made and released anymore since the PS4 had been released.

    See and compare the differences here:

    I'd get a good bundle deal or offer if I were you though.

    Otherwise I'd wait for now, because there will be a Playstation 4 Pro (PS4 Neo) released and then you can decide if you want original PlayStation 4, Playstation 4 Slim or Playstation 4 Pro.

    I'd probably wait till PS4 Pro come out first or get PS4 slim.

  • Honestly I thought it was worth it until it turns out they refuse to work with Bethesda and do modding on their games. I also really like the xbox 360/One controller more than the PS4 controller. I just find the analog sticks are in a goofy position on the PS controllers.

    • i've always been the opposite. i felt like the Playstation controller felt best in my hands, like the layout makes sense... but obviously that is just a matter of personal preference

      i remember for a while xbox made a playstation style control (like in terms of proportions) which made me consider switching consoles but then the stopped selling it

  • I don't know if it's worth it at this point.

    Play Station 5 is expected to be released in late 2018. It's two years away... And you should expect a reduction of its price once PS5 is in the market.

  • The Xbox One S has 4K blu ray and the PS4 Pro doesn't.

    • Blasphemy!

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    • Also the ps4 has better exclusives like Uncharted 4, The last of us remastered, (and soon to be the last of us 2) etc

    • If you ever plan on having UHD (4K) media then you'll need a UHD drive, if you only stream 4K then you are fine. There are some concepts out there that will have games or other content on UHD media, but the standard will remain BD for games.

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