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I'm writing a book that I really hope gets published one day, but for now, I'm just wondering which demographic it would be more popular with. If you don't like books or would want something shorter, would you watch this as a movie?

My book is about the theory of nature vs. nurture and has lots of character development, which is always my favorite part about reading a book.

The story revolves around a group of teenagers living in California. I was born and raised in San Bernardino, but I chose for them to live in Long Beach. If you live in California, you know neither of those areas are very safe. Because of that, all of my characters have tragic pasts. I know there are thousands of books about teenagers living in gang cities, but I feel that mine is different because it's more about the characters and why they are different from each other, and why they made the choice that they did, rather than the crimes around them or the crimes they commit. The characters have similar natures, but different nurtures, which I will go over.

When Tinleigh Price was young, she had a nice family and large house, but her mother had an affair and got pregnant. Her father found out and left them. Now, Tinleigh resents her brother and blames him for her father leaving. Also raised by a single mother are twin brothers, Elijah and Eliot. Unlike Tinleigh's mother, their mother is addicted to drugs and is abusive. The brothers only have each other and are often kicked out of their own home to fend for themselves in the dangerous city.

Next is Alexandrius and Jayson. Both of them have a brutal past of violence, but Alex grew up into a beautiful and cheerful woman due to the support of her father and sister. Alex likes Jayson because he has a similar past to her own, but Jayson resents her because of her support and feels like she got out easy. He is permanently disabled (missing an eye), haunted by his past, and out for revenge against a man he was too young to defend himself against.
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