Digital art tips or what to do?

Does anyone here do digital arts? I'm just getting started and honestly my drawings aren't that great. I would love to learn though! Any tips or what I should do first? I have a wacom intuos draw and paint tool sai if that's needed to answer the question :---)

Oh and I meant things like shading, coloring, what brushes to use or things like that


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  • i use the wacom intuous draw aand I've found it easier to draw using the paint tool in adobe illustrator than other software since it's vector. attempt at using illustrator and see how it goes.


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  • What program do you use and what type of art are you doing?

    • By program do you mean the one I use for drawings? Im using paint tool sai for now

      Any type actually, but I want something anime-ish :-)

    • That's good. Maybe upload a drawing so we can see what needs improvement?