Details below: I'm writing an adult novel and I want to know if this scene can bridge into a young adult novel instead?

I wrote a scene where this teenager is walking through a crowd and the man and the woman are touching him all over his body. Finally his friend helps him get away. Pretty much every part of his body his caressed while he is walking. He has clothes on.
He is 19


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  • Young adult is 13-17 year olds. I don't think any parent would let their kids read that... I would stick to adult novel, or even erotica depending on the rest of the book.

    • Its fantasy

    • No where in that paragraph did I get fantasy. But again, not the scene a 13 year old should be reading.

    • that's because I did not share that it was fantasy until now

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  • If he's 19 then you're writing a new adult

    • The main character starts off as 18. The second main character is 19, and the third main character is 17

    • I hate the new adult category. :(

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  • YA isn't usually too keen on child molestation.

    • He is 19 years old though

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    • "wrote a scene where this teenager"

    • Gosh OP. You should be so down on your own writing.

  • It would have an easier time bridging into erotica..

    • It was supposed to be erotica but its actually fantasy

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    • I think she is mentally ill, real talk

    • Message time.. Throw me a follow if you feel inclined and we can discuss that user further lol

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