What are these movie titles?

Hey ! I'm looking for two movies that I just can't remember the name of.

I will describe them with what I can remember.
1- It's a romantic kinda movie:
So it's probably a movie made between 1990's - 2000's. It'a about a woman who live in a pretty wrecked house far away from everything near rocks and water (beach). I'm not sure but the woman is artistic or she paints maybe or a writer... One day, a man, a stranger enters her propriety, he needs help. She didn't want him near her to begin with and he had to keep proving her that he should stay. She really wants to kick him out. At some point he breaks his leg and she has to keep him for a longer time. At the beginning they hated each other but as the story progress they fall in love. There's like the infamous kissing scene and sex scene. They kinda start kissing each other near a stove top lol. At the end the man has to go... That's all I know.

2- It's a Sci-Fi movie
It has to be an 80's movie. It's a long and boring movie. It all starts at the movie theater. We see someone watching a movie about planes and Spaceships, I think he's watching a documentary. At some point a man goes into the Rocket or spaceship thing and he's now out of the Earth, in the universe. He encounters a spaceship and shit turns out all kinds of fucked up ! No aliens, nope! Freaking Puppets or even muppets looking things.


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  • Could the sci-fi be "The muppets in space?"

  • Can you describe the puppet/Muppet things?


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