Rabbit skull drawings rate and suggestions?

title explains it all
im kinda bad at drawing
but lots of free time at school
and this is easy to hide
please comment your opinion
and maybe suggestions of easy things to draw for me
skulls or persons as long as it is easy
as said not really good at it
but im wanting to become betterrabbit skull drawings rate and suggestions?rabbit skull drawings rate and suggestions?


Most Helpful Guy

  • That's not bad at all. One thing I would recommend is do the shading, practice the shading. Shadows and stuff..

    You can do the shapes and outlines as you've shown there now try shading. Shading would lead to wonderful stuff because it would create an illusion of 3D look rather than 2D due to basic shapes and lack of shading. Shading drastically improved any drawing a lot.

    Then when you improve at shading come back to improving the outlines and shapes. Next step is to then work on your perspective and apply shading. Over many drawing practice you'd naturally get good at drawing and all those 3 (shapes/outlines, shading, perspective) core techniques should blend and work together to produce a more realistic drawing.

    Practice. Being bored in class is a perfect time to do it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • it's not bad but it could be better
    have you tried the grid method? it's really useful for some people, to me it looks like you can't get the proportions right..


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