If you would become a professional wrestler; what would be your entrance song, move set and wrestling gimmick?

For me I would to like to use Lili Marleen as my entrance song and I would have a romantic gimmick where I would be looking for a girlfriend. My move set would include small circle Jujitsu techniques.


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  • I would do my gimmick based on my real life interest. That I am an animation Geek and a 90's kid. My move set would more or less be DDTs and Submission holds. I originally would try to be a heel (bad guy) by claiming that the 90'swere the best decadeever and because of that im a better person. But as a face (good Guy) be the high five the crowd kinda guy and wear Cartoon and nostalgiac themed T shirts to the ring. I dont know about my enterance music. I would debate whether long tights, pants, or trunks would better suit the character.

  • No idea. Haven't really thought about it.


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