Anyone else watch the TV show VIKINGS on the History Channel?

Anyone else watch the TV show VIKINGS on the History Channel?
My stepdad turned our family onto it. I love it. Anyone besides me and @AleDeEurope?

If not, try binge watching season one and see what you think. :)
They almost had me for a second last night with Rollo. Then I was like, wait... they can't kill him in the first episode of the season. I still think Ragnar dies before this season ends.

If you haven't seen it yet, watch "Real Vikings" - it comes on right after the regular show. It's nonfiction, but it does include cast members from the regular show.
did not see some of THAT coming in the season finale!


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  • Great show!
    (Look up what happens to Ragnar in real life -quite the story!)

    • I did earlier. Thats what made me post this question. I assume they will kill him this season. :(

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    • Of course I'm pretty much caught up on it.

      True he is but that's never stopped vikings there have been ones in the show far older then him still fighting, that is just their culture.

      Actually lagertha is going to either die or she's going to be critically injured because of the blind creepy guys vision.

      I'm not gonna bet it's just how TV works they never follow what happened historically they'll alter it and try to milk the show for all it's worth then probably kill him.

    • Well even if they kill him there is still so much to go on with. Historically, boneless goes on to extend raiding territory vastly, so there is plenty for writers to play with.

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