Up for the worst game of "would you rather"?

Would you rather...

  • Cut off one of your hands with a dull blade
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  • Break all the bones in your hand (including fingers) with a hammer
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Most Helpful Guy

  • b of course, but I could deal with a , because once its done its done

    • Also, you could get the hand reattached after a. I feel it'd be harder with b, because you'd probably have to get surgery to rebuild the bones in your hand.

    • exactly, that's what I was thinking.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Break my hand... cause that doesn't sound as bad as cutting it off with a dull blade.. plus it would heal where the other option you are left with no hand lol

    • You could get it reattached. You'd have to have a lot of complex surgeries to rebuild all the bones in your hand. I don't necessarily think it's better, but I definitely think recovery could actually be better with a.

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    • True. I don't think either of them are good choices so let's just hope neither of us ever has to decide!

    • lol yess

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What Guys Said 2

  • I'd rather break all the bones in my hand so I can get it fixed later. The first option is just cringe...

  • Just kill me lel


What Girls Said 3

  • That's a no brainer. B.

  • I love would you rather

    I'd rather break all the bones in my hand

  • 0|0
    • Haha! I actually have so many ideas for a new saw movie. Like you have to walk across a floor of needles (basically my boyfriend's worst nightmare).

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