PC gamers , do you accept terry crews as our new leader?

Terry has decided to join the master race. Do you think he should become the. . . well "mascot" for PC gaming?

I think Terry could be the 'Chosen one' he'll lead all PC gamers to victory and wipe out the console players once and for all

PC gamers , do you accept terry crews as our new leader ?

^ Terry crews peasant control

  • Terry is our leader
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  • Master Race
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  • (For peasants)
    Vote C
  • (For non-gamers)
    Vote D
  • Anything else
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  • Eh, I'm all for propagating peace so long as the peasants accept PC superiority. There's no need to fight over it.

    • Do you think we should give them any pity?


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    • Didn't that portw suck in the end anyway?

    • You know, I'm not sure about that. . . I doubt it did well on release, it must be patched by now though. If they had it on steam + mods it would've been a solid 10

      I'd say that the main problem is the windows store, MS just insists on people using it but they're only shooting themselves in the foot

  • Yeah he lifts he can't be wrong lol

  • Who the hell is terry crews?

    • not sure if. . .

      Well, basically he's been in films 'n stuff

      As godzilla you should know that

    • Was he the guy I stepped on?

    • That's right man, and that's racist. Your cousin killed the black guy in Jurassic park and then you went and did that? smh

  • but... Lord Gaben?

    • What about him? Remember there's a difference between a leader and a overlord, Darth vader is a leader but the sith is the overlord.

      Overlords just sit back doing overlordish stuff

  • No, there is no leader in PCMR

  • Naw, Count me out. Enjoy that black todger onyour own :/

  • Wait, since when do we have a leader?