Which Hogwarts house?

So for a fanfiction I'm writing, my character has to decide whether she wants to be a Hufflepuff (she's always wanted to be one and she is one) or if she wants to choose Gryffindor to be near Harry, Ron and Hermione. She really can't decide and I can't decide because being in Hufflepuff will make things difficult but it could also add more plot and since its odd for someone's oc to be sorted into a different house. But I don't see how she would interact with them... Which house should I choose?

  • Hufflepuff
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  • Gryffindor
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  • One of the other houses.
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  • Have you read the Harry Potter and the cursed child?
    Cedric diggory was in huffelpuff.

    • Yeah I have read and watched all the Harry Potter movies, including Fantastic beasts and where to find them. *fangirls over newt scamander*. Still haven't read the cursed child.
      Yeah :) :)

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