Am I the only one that laugh at pornstars for being useless bastards in society?

I don't buy that sob story of their "childhood" they just lazy and wanna get easy money. The funniest part is when they quite and pretend like they didn't fuck for money lol. Do you think they have normal lives?


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  • Yeah, a lot of them do live normal lives. I'm sure they might get occasionally recognized in public but I doubt it affects them to the point where it significantly hampers their ability to peacefully live their life. They're definitely not useless either. Without them, a good chunk of people out there wouldn't have videos to jack off to. They also pay taxes and the videos they role in make money for companies that pay taxes so they're definitely far from being useless in society.

    I doubt most of them pretend like they didn't do it for the money. Most popular pornstars out there acknowledge it's just a job to them.

  • Well, they earn much more than me, so perhaps, they are doing something right.
    I don't even have one person I can trust.

    • Because society has a bunch of dirty bastards that put money to see more of it psh that ain't no real job they hoes

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