This singer became famous in Europe (and maybe USA) in a very short period of time. Do you like her voice and style?

@luci92 I know you already love her :*
@mits777 a te plq ty se une e du shum haha


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  • kjo po super e talentuar. Ke hapur profil me emer tj lol thash kush esht nadzz shqip tj pastaj e morra me mend

    • hahahaha hapa tjetrin se me spiunuan shker...

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    • 孟郊慈 母 手 中 线游 子 身 上 临 行 密 密 缝 意 恐 迟 迟 归 谁 言 寸 草 心 报 得 三 春 晖

    • @Chico_brah cok güzel mon cherí

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  • Love itttt <3


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