Loved Rogue one!!! it wasn't my favorite but it was the best prequel yet! it was pretty dark :) I would love to see the darker version they filmed?

what are your thoughts on the movie? in my opinion it was very well done. Darth Vader now looks more bad ass than he did before. loved Rogue one!!! it wasn't my favorite but it was the best prequel yet! it was pretty dark :) I would love to see the darker version they filmed.?


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  • Its was good id putt it fourth from the bottom (ahead of clone wars, pahntom, and return) maybe better than revenge but that lightsaber fight has a soecial place in my heart lol

    It was different obviously since its the only movie not about jedi

    And yea it was dark they did a good job of showing how shitty war is even tho its star wars and painting the rebels in a way that even tho they are the good guys of the story they still have to do dark ass shit

    I would like to see the darker version too

    The main rebel guy was a poormans version of oberyn from got lol


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  • Question: I'm seeing it tomorrow, and I've never seen any other star wars movie besides the force awakens. Will I be lost and bored during this movie?

    I'll let you know my opinion of the movie tomorrow :3

    • You won't be bored.

    • ummmm... yes and no. it's hard to explain. but I'd recommend watching the opening crawl in the starting of a new hope 1st that tells you what rogue one is about.

    • I agree you won't be bored. it's soo good

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  • Not much to it. Technically not a plot hole, but the rebels' decision to attack and try to kill the developer of a powerful weapon that the rebellion doesn't fully understand is colossally stupid. I know this was done to fit the continuity of the original movie, but there are a lot of other ways to do that. Bad writing choice.

    Didn't connect with a single character in the movie, and didn't want to understand anybody's motives, which is good since none of them were shown.

    So, like I said, not much to it. But on the positive side, good production values and the story moved along well.

    • I agree with not connecting with any characters
      Most interesting character to me was tarkin and thats just because of the old movies

  • Phenomenal film.

  • Its easily on my top 3 Star Wars Movies.

  • To be truthful, I was unconsciously looking forward to “Rogue One.” I say “unconscious” because what handful of trailers I saw of it did pique my interest, but movies, and particularly Star Wars, have been so heavily imbued with politics I’ve been conditioned to tune them out completely. Ergo, it takes a really good trailer, full of action, X-Wings, Death Stars, and AT-AT’s to pierce this conditioning and get me to take note.
    While Rogue One’s trailers did manage to achieve this, I also unconsciously noted that the heroes had more colors than a rainbow. And when this observation was combined with my previous knowledge of how Hollywood, and particularly Star Wars, was going to force a PC narrative into their movies, Rogue One went back on the “meh” list of movies I’ll probably never get around to watching.
    Enter Brett White. If the multi-ethnic, multi-color Reading-Rainbow-Rebel heroes of Rogue One (headed up by a “strong-independent woman™”, BTW) wasn’t a clue as to how there was going to be a political lecture, a blatant statement by one of Rogue One’s writers, Brett White, was:"When I look at the ‘Rogue One’ trailers, I see what I want from America. I see a multicultural group standing strong together led by a rebellious and courageous woman. That’s what we are working towards, and what we will continue to work towards no matter what. That’s what America – a land created as a haven for the persecuted, to be able to realize their limitless dreams – was created to be."
    Of course, you cannot hold responsible the score of writers and hundreds of employees working on Rogue One for the statements of just one of their writers. Additionally, one low-ranking writer’s political opinion about a movie, does not mean the movie will be political. But when two more (higher-ranked) writers condoned White’s statement, and further hinted that The Empire was a white supremacist organization, you knew Rogue One was going to be (yet another) SJW sermon against “evil” white males and the merits of women and minorities because…uhhhh…”vagina” and melanin.
    Now I don’t know about you, but I certainly get my fill of politics during the normal course of a week. It’s part of my job, it’s part of my hobby, not to mention, politics is forced in front of everyone everywhere be it social media, traditional media, your friends, or literature. Combine this with a mind-numbing job, a taxing commute, and the toils of everyday life,

    • ... the absolute last thing people need in their few and precious moments of entertainment and fun is politics. You would think providers of entertainment and fun would know this, and would be smart enough to leave politics out of it, much like a Thanksgiving dinner. But they don’t. They insist on forcing it down the audience’s throat, almost as if they’re compelled by some other, ulterior force, all while risking alienating people with their politics.
      Why? The answer to that lies in a combination of writers like Brett White and Star Wars itself.
      Modern art is a phenomenon in society where the cart has been put before the horse. Traditionally art was made to be appealing to society and the market (it was something people wanted). This ensured that what art was made was of high quality, in demand, of good taste, and also ensured what we would see in public (paintings, murals, buildings, architecture, landscaping, statues, etc.) would be beautiful.

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    • It’s nothing more than an inferior scumbag “tagging” the Mona Lisa with political-graffiti because they lack the real talent to make something as great as the original. And it’s proven by all the remakes, reboots, and sequels Hollywood is making.
      Of course, ironically, because the original dish of Star Wars was so good, the mindless sheeple of America, particularly white males, will show up in droves to be lectured about their cardinal sin of being born white and male. Hollywood, leftist pundits, and no doubt the writers themselves will erroneously view this as vindication of their political message, and double down on the anti-white male/pro-leftist formula for their next movie. But for you “conservative” and “libertarian” keyboard warriors who were all pro-Trump, and adamant about replacing diversity with meritocracy and “making America great again,” we’ll see if you can actually make a *huge* sacrifice and forego watching Rogue One.

    • Because if your addiction to Starbucks and Apple products is any indication I’m predicting you cucks will gladly line up, bend over, and let Hollywood fuck you one more time up the ass because
      “but but but…. it’s STAR WARS!”
      It has come to my attention that Brett White is NOT indeed a writer for the Star Wars film, just merely a writer cited in the article writing about Star Wars. I wanted to make this clarification, but still do not believe (due to the tacit endorsement from actual writers in Rogue One) this changes the fundamental point of the article. I will reconsider my thoughts if it turns out the Evil Empire in “Rogue One” is chock full of an equivalent amount of minorities and women and does NOT portray the evil empire as a white male organization…which I’m absolutely sure they will in an honest application of diversity to both heroes and criminals alike.

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