Who would you class as a greater musician, and why?

  • Pete Doherty (Front man of Babyshambles, The Libertines & a solo artist) Pete can play the guitar, harmonica, melodica, piano, organ and bass guitar as well as sing and songwrite.
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  • Amy Winehouse. Amy was known for 'Back to Black' She could play the drums, guitar, was a songwriter and had an amazingly unique voice.
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  • Matty Healy. (Front man of the 1975, also known as Big Sleep and Drive Like I do) He writes a lot of music, sings and plays guitar.
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  • Alex Turner. (Known to be front man of The Arctic Monkeys and is in The Last Shadow Puppets) He is a singer, songwriter and can play the keyboard, bass and guitar
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Classic hmmm... Randy Rhodes Guitar player for quiet riot and ozzy.

    Peter Frampton

    Towns Van zandt

    Waylon Jennings

    Hank Sr

    Elvis Presley

    Jon Lennon

    Stevie Ray

    Ray Charles

    Angus Young

    Jon Bonham

    Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson

    and many many more.

    there are to many really


Most Helpful Girl

  • Matty Healy all the way omg!

    • I forgot to put why, I think because for 1 he's a really big inspiration for me, and 2) I think what they've done as a band is something completely different to any type of music out there at the moment

    • I love the idea that the 1975 don't conform to a specific genre, and I think their lyrics are beautiful as well as the sheer talent of Ross, Adam, and George. It annoys me that everyone focuses on Matty 24/7

    • I agree, the 1975 isn't just Matty, without the other members they wouldn't be as unique as they are, and same I love the fact that they aren't afraid to push the boundaries and just be genuine

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What Guys Said 2

  • Not really familiar with any of those, though what I've heard from the Arctic Monkeys is alright, so I'll say D.
    My list would be guys like Geddy Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Dio, Tony Iommi.

  • Amy Winehouse since she's the only 1 I've heard of


What Girls Said 4

  • no bob Marley, Santana or jack white?

    • These are just a collection of some of my favourites :) There is so many more talented musicians but if I could only pick four to listen to for the rest of my life it'd have to be these!

  • It was hard not to pick Alex though, I am really liking his style, energy, lyrics and its sorta consistent.

  • Chuck Schuldiner because he basically formed death metal. There's a lot more great musician minds but he was the most genius it gets in my opinion. Additional to making death metal and subgenres, his lyrics were overwhelmingly beautiful (at least after the Leprosy album when it got less gore-y and more philosophical).

  • Amy Winehouse was fucking amazing