Who remembers the online game Toontown?

It used to be be an online game run by Disney but they shut it down a few years ago.Who remembers the online game Toontown?

But then some teenager brought it back up and the only way he is getting away with it is because he isn't charging anyone to play it. Literally anyone can play it now without paying. He renamed it Toontown Rewritten. You can play it at toontownrewritten. com

Does anyone remember this game as a kid?

  • Yeah!!! That game was awesome!
  • Yeah, that game was lame as fuck
  • Yeah, it was alright.
  • No, but it looks interesting.
  • No, what the fuck is this shit?
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  • Yeah, I remember always seeing the commercials. I actually wanted to play it, but it had to be downloaded and I didn't know how to do all that shit so I just stuck to Club Penguin


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  • YES, I play it basically every day. I have a toon getting there that is almost maxed and some toons that I plan on working on after I finish this one. It's great... I'm basically reliving my child hood lol. I don't want to say I'm obsessed with it, but I'm uhh... passionate.


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