Any singers here that could give me advice?

So I want to become a singer. Im not that good at all. Barely decent lol but I have come a long way. I have better pitch control than i used to. Anyway, whats the biggest piece of advice as a singer that you could give me to help me sing better?


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  • Breathing exercises-- search for them online. Once you learn to breathe properly, you'll sing better. The point is that you have to breathe with your 'lower' lungs, aka deep breathing.
    Practice vocal warm ups every day- I use warm ups from Jeff Rolka, just type his name on youtube. Choose warm ups for your vocal range- baritone, bass or tenor.
    Pick a few songs and practice them every day-- you'll get better over time.
    Also, avoid eating at night because it causes acid reflux and that is really bad for your vocal cords.


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