Do you understand rap?

Do you understand rap?

[Verse 1]
Turning down deals so you know I ain't broke-ah
Better know-ah go get the door like a chauffeur
And making toast but I got bread in the toast-ah
Can't be held take this L
Sennd you straight to Hell
I shoot yo ass like K. Michelle
Boii you fake as hell
I been ballin' like Dave Chapelle
Check my paper trail
My fans know I give them bars send em' straight to jail
I make em' dwell
Back in the day I used to put weight on scales
I'm saucin'
I do this often
Was trapping at my fathers house like Macaulay Culkin
I'm on my cake bitch call me frosting
Got green like Boston
More polo on me than Carlton
FGE ballin' I'm just Chris Paul-in
My team up it ain't no stallin'
Bitch my whole team go retarded
These bitches Spalding
They on our balls and-
Don't talk shit I don't do talkin'
40 on me get to sparkin'
Get wet like dolphins then get the coffin
I'll off em'
My aim is awesome
Every time I come across em'
These nigga fallin' they gotta chalk em'
My flow sick, my shit be coughin'
Skipped past a grade like [Rafer Alston]
So take precaution
Boii I'm a dog take your broad
Cracked her like a car quick
I turn her on she get wet like a water faucet
Sleepin' over start appluadin'
I stick my sword
She take this pipe till she exhausted
She wants some more dick
But gotta forfeit

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  • No i don't understand it
  • I understand some of it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I usually can't understand rap. In fact, up until recently I couldn't stand rap. It took two of my brothers to start making me listen to it to realize that there's more behind rap than meets the ear. I can't account for rappers of today, but from the little I've heard by Biggie, Tupac, Nas, Eminem, and the like, the lyrics in rap can be enigmatic and can hold deep meaning and raw emotion within them. It's not always about the swearing, and I was positively surprised to have some amazing rap songs explained to me.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Do you mean the references that are made or how the words are pronounced? Because it really depends on the type of rap/hip-hop.

    Rap/Hip-Hop is very diverse. Mumble Rap for example is a type of rap that can be difficult for people to comprehend what is being said.


What Girls Said 3

  • I'd rather not listen to it. I like not having migraines

    • What about rap music causes migraines?

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    • I don't really care. The nonsense they rap about. The fact that majority of the bull shit they say talks about sex and drugs and killing people. It's fucking disgusting and these days it's just worse. I wish it didn't exist.

    • Rap music is actually quite diverse, people who are unfamiliar with it tend to think it's only about wealth, material gain, drugs and women. Mainly because that's the mainstream.

      I'm not saying you should like rap music but it's not right that you just paint everyone with the same brush. A lot of rap music is quite positive and uplifting. And the rap you hate, other rappers hate too.

  • dont understand

  • Yes lol


What Guys Said 8

  • Yeah. I have 2 ears, although some of these clowns like fetty wap and desiigner can't speak English for shit 😑

  • Yes, I understand the good one, you know, the one we don't get nowadays.

  • Nope.

  • Nnnnope.

  • It understand most of it but there's a lot of references

  • I don't really listen to hip hop

  • Can't (under) stand it.
    So incredibly annoying I can't see how anyone could call it "music"

    • Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's not music

    • @BeastRB I could listen to a LOT of things that I don't understand and I could still consider it music. So, I think you missed my point. It's the "rapping" annoyance that makes it non-music (at least to my ears), so just MHO

  • pretty self explanatory