Why are people so against the game "Minecraft"?

Well, hello there! Minecraft has always been my favourite game, and I'm wondering why others don't feel about it as strongly as I do. I've played it for 5 years, and I have never been bored of the game. However, everyone talks about how people who play the game are losers and how the game is boring. Personally, I don't think that's fair because I try to act very maturely on servers and I don't talk about it much. Why do people hate this game so much?

  • It's boring. (or maybe a lack of creativity)
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  • Toxic community (explain why pls. Some servers have very nice players.)
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  • Motion sickness (totally understandable)
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  • Violence or scariness
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  • Other
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  • I like Minecraft, but my brother quit because he got bored of it. Similarly, a famous YouTuber I watch has said he doesn't play Minecraft since it's not his type of game


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  • I don't like minecraft because
    > bad graphics (HD graphic mods are available, yes)
    > cubic models (pixels are also cubic too, yes)
    > boring gameplay (mods are available, yes)
    > horrible optimizations
    > just not my type of game

    I don't hate minecraft players for liking minecraft
    But I do like using the term "minecraft" to describe something as... "bad"

    But I do like Call of Duty up to Ghosts and people hate COD.

    I'm just the better person to not hate something, that i do not like but others do and i expect the same from a person as awesome as I am.


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  • my heart bleeds for you.

    It must suck to be the most persecuted and vilified demographic in human history.

    the suffering is unfathomable.

  • Minecraft is cool. as a kid I always had Legos. so when I was a teenager, Minecraft came out and I played it quite a bit. it's all about the creativity in creation. I haven't played in a few years. now I build things in the real world. I'll always have fond memories of listening to music while playing Minecraft.

  • I used to play. I don't think people who play are losers, but I think the game got way too updated for me and the people sorta got shitty.

    There will always be douchebags. That's what I always say

    • True. I really hate the 1.9 update and I will never play on a server that supports it.

    • Yeah the updates and the mods that so many were using didn't work with my computer. I couldn't take it anymore

  • I know, by no means is it a bad game. You can't complain about graphics because it's supposed to be simple.
    and Multiplayer is far from boring.

    I think it's the toxic community and general ignorance.

  • voted for b. i've been playing since 2012 and the community has really turned to shit. when i played i used to play on servers like hcraid and minehq and the communities were good back then but now everyone just acts aut

  • I am not sure why gamers want to live in a square world...

  • It's just plain stupid.

  • Graphics, and it is too easy. That is why I got bored anyways.
    I liked the building aspects of it, but only in survival mode because in creative mode, it just doesn't feel like an accomplishment to build something big and cool.

    • There's redstone, parkour, commands, PvP, cannons, and much more. I guess graphics do suck. in my opinion, many people get bored because they don't experiment enough with the different aspects of Minecraft. I tried all the types, and I found out that I enjoy Pvp, parkour, redstone, factions, and such.

    • I have too many games to play very many for long. Plus I normally work, so my game time is usually limited. I have mostly been playing Xcom 2 lately. Have you tried that? It's cool if you like strategy and RPGs.