This guys being a asshole help?

There's this guy let's name him Jon and Jon and i are friends and i kinda like Jon but Jon is dating my friend... so Jon and I and a bunch of close friends are in a group chat and I sent a video of me lip syncing to all the single ladies with a caption I'm single cause all the guys at our school are douches as a JOKE then he private messaged me that I'm a asshole for saying that and started some petty fight with me. I kept telling him that he can't just except that everyone likes him just cause his girlfriend likes him and that this was a petty ass fight. Then he blocked me AND LOST LUR STREAK 😂 Lmao Ik ok but I needed our streak😤 But he's all mad at me over this stupid thing and I don't know what to do? Help!! HELPPP why did he do this? How to fix it?


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  • I would answer this but I think I lost more brain cells leaving this question than going in


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