Why do we live in a "Clown Abuse Culture"?

People claim it's my fault for dressing like this, but I should have the right to dress in my clown clothes, but I can't because I know that people will just stare. I'm not asking to be stared at by dressing this way, it's just my right to be a silly clown. And is it so much to ask that people stop asking me if I do parties? Just because I dress like this doesn't mean I like to have pies thrown in my face or that I perform or juggle for people's pleasure. I'm so sick of being treated like an object, a clown object. I'm not "asking for it" to be treated like a clown.

Why do we live in a
And lastly, it should be illegal in the workplace to ask someone to juggle if they wear big shoes, a clown nose and ridiculous make-up.


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  • You are right. It's your right to "dress" the way you want. & I know exactly your point of all of this. 😒


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  • I see what you did there ;)

  • If you are wearing clown makeup, like in the above photo, you should expect to be laughed at and asked to entertain. If you fail to adequately entertain, then by clown law, your audience does have permission to throw a pie in your face.
    If you are in fact wearing a clown mask, not makeup, then you are clearly not a real clown, and should expect to be beaten and/or arrested for your crimes against humanity.