I can never commit to one novel idea. Writers problems?

I love reading and writing. I am constantly coming up with ideas for novels. Sometimes small things like 'write a book that starts with the first chapter called 10 and the last called 1' or bigger things like "Girl's biggest fear is (blank) and it killed her in a past life"

I have note list on my phone full of ideas and another one on my laptop full of more ideas. I would say that I have maybe 25 or so ideas I've written down I think I really have not counted. And maybe five of those I have more then just an idea.

So I get so excited when I get a good idea that Ill start brain storming and writing down ideas for that novel and then a month later a get another great idea and bam! last idea forgotten. And I really would like to finish a novel one day.

I'm just wondering if any other writers have this problem.


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  • Same...

    • are you being serious? lol

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    • Same here!!!

    • It's so fun to meet someone who share the same taste as you. Have read any of Rick Riordan, s

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  • Haha yup I've the same 😂