Guys, who is the best DJ on earth?

Proly most of the answerers will be guys. Cuz girls usually listen garbage pop. Trance, House, Hardstyle and EDM are genres what I call 'real music'. I could not make a decision between Tiësto and Armin, recent beats of Hardwell are wacky. I used to love Hardwell but I cannot feel the same listening to his new beats. Even though tracks like 'Spaceman', 'Never Say Goodbye' and 'Everybody Is In the Place' were club smashing hits, he started to repeat himself. What about Tijs, people say he lost his own unique style, I still love his tracks. His recent album A Town Called Paradise was not popular as much as old ones, I really like the tracks 'Let's Go', 'Wasted', 'Red Lights' and 'Light Years Away'. But his previous tracks like 'Suburban Train', 'Elements of Life', 'Just Be' and 'I Will Be Here (no vocal version)' were legends. What about Armin? He is considered the best DJ on earth, I am pleasant his new album 'Embrace', 'Another You', 'Strong Ones' and 'Freefall' are always in my most played list. Everyone knows the tracks 'Ping Pong' and 'This Is What It Feels Like'. Finally I say Armin. What about you guys?

  • Tiësto
  • Armin van Buuren
  • Hardwell
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