Do you think sometimes clarifying something with someone solves the problem?

So I took a class in something (not University like an outside class). The instructor was so/so, I think she is capable of being nice but very passive aggressive.

This escalated into conflict of course because I do not gel well with passive aggressive people. I am not wondering whether I should try sorting it out with her, or just let it go. I want to enroll in the next class. I also gave her good ratings, so she knows I am a fair person.

There was no 'real' problem except a difference in personalities: I stand up for myself and it gets me into trouble


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  • Not always, sometimes you just got to let the beat horse lay there. You are from the east coast aren't you

    • No I'm not why would you think I'm from the east coast?

      The thing is, I know I have a shortage of time. Not learning what I have to is MY loss either which way.

      In addition, this lady works under an actual institution with codes of conduct etc. Assuming I do talk to her, I think the second time around she might even be afraid of reacting out of fear that one more complaint would put her at risk

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    • Like you know where a persons position or opinion is on a matter because they cut to the chase and were blunt, they don't care about people's feelings or how you will take it, so you know where they stand. As for everything else you said, you are spot on. I despise every aspect of passive aggressive people and have no time for them male or female.

    • No I do care about people's feelings, quite a bit actually. And I think maybe that's why I don't see the point in being passive aggressive.

      You owe someone the truth rather than playing mind games. If there is a problem, it's perfectly possible to sit them down, with respect and address the problem in a polite and firm way.

      If you are passive aggressive you are actually ruder because you leave teh person wondering what they did to cause a certain reaction from the person who is passive aggressive.

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  • Not always, but sometimes yes

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