Is this drawn well?

I draw as a hobby, and even then I do so rarely. I got a late Christmas gift from my grandmother, with a 4" x 6" sketch pad as one of the items. I drew this to send to her, and it took me about 20 minutes. I feel like it's a tad generic though, and most artists are beginning to have too similar styles, hence why I haven't tried to make money or anything from my art. Would you buy this kind of art on a poster/comic/fanbook?Is this drawn well??

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  • It's good for hobby level.
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  • It's boring, and how everyone else these days are drawing.
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  • It looks really well-done to me, ESPECIALLY for something done in only 20 minutes! So great job! :D The hand is especially well-drawn, I think; I had to draw 3 hands for my first project in high-school art class --- years and years ago now --- and they were hard. xD

    I personally would not buy something like this, though, just because it would creep me out all day, LOL. xD But judged objectively as a piece of artwork done in only 20 minutes, I would say it's really well-done. :D

    • Getting creeped out by it is a fair assessment, so I don't blame you! Thank you though! And, if it were bigger, it would most likely have taken more time, but the paper itself is slightly smaller than a hand so xD

    • Hahaha it's mostly just the eyes that creep me out. :P The only time when eyes like that haven't creeped me out was when Storm uses her powers, lol:

      Aw well even if it's only a 4"x6" paper, it's still an awesome feat in that time. :D

    • With the whole Storm thing, I think that's why this pic inspires me to draw comics! Superheros are babes haha

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    • Thank you so much! I'll do my best!

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    • If you like, I could draw a request of yours, ft. hands haha

    • Yes please omg I am your biggest fan now I guess

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  • Seriously, keep practicing. Very well done and with a bit more skill?
    You could make a living as a sketch artist in a tourism town.
    Take a pic of each as you sell them, instagram it from a location and eventually business would find you.

    • And a pretty girl making sketches in a beachfront tourist town? You could make some serious money eventually doing that.

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    • No idea where you live actually, but beach, mountain, tourism towns? You would do well I think. Anyway, just an idea. Good luck. ;)

    • Gambling haha, it's Reno Nevada. Reno, Vegas and area 51 are the only things Nevada's got going haha

  • its absolutely beautiful

  • Amazing art work great job well done thanks for sharing with us..

  • looks pretty awesome

  • What's is it? Like an ice queen waving goodbye as she's entering he'll or something?

    • It's good though

    • No, just something random that came to my mind xD I guess she's kinda waving in acknowledgement of the gift and a thanks? haha

  • accidently voted for d lol, i meant to click a option
    thats really nice one


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  • it looks ok